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Get comprehensive protection and expert support - our car warranty and insurance coverage will keep you safe and secure on the road.

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Choose from our trusted network of top-rated car warranty and insurance providers and get the peace of mind you deserve on the road.

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Protect your vehicle without breaking the bank - choose from our wide selection of affordable car warranty and insurance coverage options.

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Car Warranty

What Is A Car Warranty?

Stay protected on the road with our comprehensive used car warranties. We understand that unexpected repairs and breakdowns can be stressful and costly, which is why we offer affordable warranty options to give you peace of mind and financial security.

Our used car warranties provide coverage for a variety of mechanical and electrical components, including the engine, gearbox, fuel system, steering mechanism, braking system, air-conditioning, turbo/supercharger, cooling system, ignition system and electrical systems. With our warranties, you can drive with confidence, knowing that you’re protected against unexpected repair costs and breakdowns.

*Subject to change without notice*

  • Car Age 10 Years and Below
  • Car Mileage 200,000KM and Below
  • 1 Year Coverage and Unlimited Mileage
  • Claim Limit of RM10,000 Per Claim / RM50,000 Total Claims
  • No Claims Period of 14 days
  • Subject to Brand and Model Approval. Click free quote to discover more.

Steps To Purchase Car Warranty:

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  2. Review Our Quotation and Schedule For An Inspection
  3. Once Your Vehicle Condition Is Accepted, Prepare For Payment


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